Optimizing Your Domain Names by Building Out

BuildsOut is currently in BETA
If you are looking for a professional looking website, need help creating the content, have no idea how to get your website crawled and placed by search engines, or require a little programming, then you have come to the right place. We specialize in developing your web presence and we can help you get started on the right foot.

Currently, We are only offering our Builds-Out and Bail plans to new clients. We do offer bulk discounts under this plan and we can offer examples of our work along with references upon request.

Our goal is to create moneymaking domains through development. Instead of using traditional domain parking services, in which the parking company gives you a small percentage of pay-per-click advertisements, we build your domain name with; unique content related to the domain, customized pages that are seo-optimized, and offer management services at little or no cost to you. The end result is; you take home the bulk of the profit.

Through our system you can take advantage of pay-per-click and direct or fixed advertising campaigns, as well as, affiliate relationships to sell products directly related to the content of your domain. The beauty is, we manage it!

We offer management of your domain up to 95% revenue share of gross monthly profit to our clients. This system means we are motivated to make the most of your domain because for every extra dollar you make, we profit. What does management entail? We will host your domain on our servers, monitor search engine results for keywords related to your domain and consistently try new ways to have the content of your site score better in those search results.

How Do I Sign Up?
We have pulled together four solid plans for our clients with more to come.  If you are interested in our services, please fill out our Contact Form or check out our Plans page. Be sure to provide as much information as possible. If you request, one of our representatives will contact you with more details about our domain development programs.

What to expect after signup:
This is what you can expect after joining BuildsOut: We estimate the initial site will take an average of 5-7 days to complete. This may vary depending on the complexity of the build. At the time of completion we will share the layout and content of the site with you before going live. Once we are ready to go live, we will ask you to redirect the name servers through your registrar control panel. During the creation of the site we highly recommend you keep your domain parked (if it is indeed parked). To learn more about our management of your domain, please find details on our plans page.

Website Layout:
For a good portion of the sites we host we will implement a portal-like format to the pages. You can think of a portal as a central location to find information or links to all areas of the topic your domain describes best. Unlike a template you may encounter at a parked page, our portals are customized and allow you to offer feedback on the look, layout, and content of the page. The content blocks you may expect to see are; RSS feeds, advertising blocks, direct ad graphics, and reciprocal links to related sites, which may offer an increase in content relevance and provide your site with backlinks.

|August, 2008| - Our Client Portal is on indefinite hold. Due to resourcing issues we are focusing our attention on BuildsOut and Bail plans only. We will also consider any domain name garnering more than 3,000 unique visitors per month - under the Builds-out and Benefit plan.

The BuildsOut three "P's" of domain development - Plan, Passion, and Patience

We have received requests to view some of our work. As promised, we have added examples of our work to the "Our Featured Sites" block to the right of this text. Until further notice we are being selective about new entries into the program. Domain Safe.

  The Builds-out and Bail Plan:
* All domains eligible

We build you a multi-page search engine friendly, custom content, ad-supported website. Once we are complete we hand over the page and you handle it as you see fit. We no longer assist you with getting the most out of your domain for a one-time fee of $325. We will host your website for (1) year free of charge. Hosting is a $120 value!

The Builds-out Flex Share Plan
*Program no longer available

No minimum traffic requirements. The Flex Share plan allows you to increase your revenue share as we develop your domain. This is our newest and most flexible plan available. Check out plan details using the link below...

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  The Builds-out and Benefit Plans: 
* Minimum of 3000 uniques per month

Option 1: We build you a multi-page search engine friendly, custom content, ad-supported website. However, you benefit from our management of the domain. We manage; hosting, setting up advertisements (direct and PPC), affiliates, and updating content. The cost; a one-time fee of $325 plus 5% of gross monthly income from your domain while you have us managing it.

Option 2: The difference from plan one is; No up front fee for building out your pages. Instead, we take 10% of the monthly gross income for one year. After one year the standard 5% commission is instated. This is our only contract-based plan.

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  Our Featured Sites
We would like to share a handful of client sites which have recently entered our program. These examples will give you a good idea of what to expect when we design your site and illuminate the quality of our content.